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To exhibit, or not to exhibit? That is the question!

As with any business project that involves time and expense, the decision to participate in Hertfordshire’s biggest annual business gathering justifies consideration. Although the outlay for purchasing stand space is a modest £99 + vat per metre (plus £15 + vat for your power hook-up) the opportunity cost of taking a day out of your normal business activity needs to be factored in to evaluate the true cost of exhibiting. Or maybe it’s easier to quantify the potential business benefit of mixing with 70 other exhibitors and presenting your business to over 500 visitors?

Measuring the benefit of marketing and public relations activity has never been an exact science but there is an unmistakable gauge of worth in the commercial arena: Repeat business. Hertfordshire Business Expo is a sell-out every year because visitors and exhibitors invariably come back for more! 

Small to medium companies in the northern home counties love this generic business event because it offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase their organisation, and network with hundreds of potential customers. So book your stand today at We look forward to meeting you in the Alban Arena on 4th July! 

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