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WMT Chartered Accountants http://wmtllp.com/  1
http://eatlunch.co.uk/  Catering
The Federation of Small Businesses http://www.fsb.org.uk/  58
5 Rings Group - Workshop http://www.5ringstelecom.co.uk/  13
St Albans & District Chamber of Commerce http://www.stalbans-chamber.co.uk/  4
Adooa Limited http://www.adooa.co.uk/  9
Amthal Fire & Security http://www.amthalsecurity.co.uk/  56
APD Consulting & Coaching Ltd    29
Barnett Waddingham https://www.barnett-waddingham.co.uk/  19
Better Business for All http://www.hertfordshirelep.com/Better-Regulation.aspx  45
Business Buzz http://www.business-buzz.org/  2
Buzzing Media http://www.buzzing-media.co.uk/  2
Capability Jane Recruitment www.capabilityjane.com  44
Cheeky Munkey https://cheekymunkey.co.uk/  50
Chiswell Green Dental http://www.chiswellgreendental.co.uk/  38
Clarion Collection Hotel St Albans http://www.stalbanshotel.co.uk/  32
CONCITA LTD http://www.concita.com/  26
CSP http://www.csp.uk.com/  36
DCS Voice & Vision http://www.dcsvav.com/  59
Ether Solutions https://www.ether-solutions.co.uk/en/  17
Exchange Communication Ltd http://www.exchangecomms.co.uk/  10
Exemplas http://www.exemplas.com/  14
Fineback Furniture http://www.fineback.co.uk/  47
Focus7 International https://www.focus7international.com/  22
Gazelle Finance    28
Gillard Executive Assistance http://www.gillardexecutiveassistance.com/  31
Hatfield Hotdesk https://www.neardesk.com/locations/details/1572  25
Hertfordshire Growth Hub https://www.hertsgrowthhub.com/  TBC
Impress Promotions www.impresswatford.co.uk  43
IN’n’OUT Centers Limited www.in-n-out.co.uk/staffdiscount  18
ICR Leasing http://www.icrleasing.co.uk/  30
JP International Training Ltd http://www.jp-internationaltraining.com/  12
Just Smile Ltd https://www.justsmile.co.uk/  6
K Consultants http://justkandco.com/  39
KG Electrical http://kgelectricalcontractors.co.uk/


Knebworth House http://www.prestigevenuesandevents.sodexo.com/  54
Manpower UK Ltd http://www.manpower.co.uk/  24
Metrobank https://www.metrobankonline.co.uk/  60
Mind in Mid Herts https://mindinmidherts.org.uk/  51
MxL Ltd https://www.mxlltd.co.uk/  41
NatWest http://www.natwest.co.uk/  7
Netready Ltd t/a Hero-Solutions www.netready.biz   57
Oaklands College https://www.oaklands.ac.uk/  49
Parkes Display & Expo http://www.parkesexpo.com/  4
Polestar http://www.polestarfa.co.uk/v3/  23
PQA HEMEL LTD https://www.pqacademy.com/  40
Quantum Care Ltd https://www.quantumcare.co.uk/  46
Rankings Digital http://www.rankingsdigital.com/hertfordshire-seo/  34
Scribbles http://www.scribblesmedia.co.uk/  27
Smart10 Ltd http://www.smart10ltd.co.uk/  35
St Albans City of Expertise http://www.cityofexpertise.com/  15
St Albans Enterprise Agency (STANTA) http://stanta.co.uk/  42
St. James's Place Wealth Management www.sjpp.co.uk/oliverspencer/   37

The Christmas Decorators



The Galleria


The Grass Roots Group UK Ltd https://www.grassrootsgroup.com/  16
The Hertfordshire Business Independent http://www.businessindependent.co.uk/  3
The HR Dept https://www.hrdept.co.uk/  55
TransTrans Ltd https://www.transtrans.co.uk/  20
Trio Telecom http://triotelecom.co.uk/  33
Vantage IT Solutions Limited https://vantageit.co.uk/  8
Vertigo Adventures www.vertigoadventures.co.uk  21
Visionary Accountants http://www.visionaryaccountants.co.uk/  52


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