1.30 pm -“Little big bangs for sales” with Julie Holmes


Little Big Bangs for Sales


How independently owned businesses (without a massive corporate budget) Can Use Innovation to Sell More and Sell Smarter with (Almost) No Effort

From prospecting to qualifying, contracting to closing – all eyes are on you to deliver the revenue. But how much money are you leaving on the table by doing the same things you’ve always done? It’s time to get creative and apply the principles of innovation to your business and increase sales.

Little Big Bang innovations are all about speed and impact. For example, how could you get prospects to call YOU instead of the other way around? Maybe you need a clever strategy to restart that stalled sales cycle. Or you’ve relied on the same handful of customers as references and now you need to grow that pool.

Julie shows you how to spot the easy places where you can improve your sales process. As a result, you’ll close more deals, get more money and create happy customers that stay longer every single day.

In this interactive keynote, you’ll leverage the hidden highs and lows of your prospect’s journey, find the gaps in your sales process and apply proven innovation techniques to keep your prospects and customers loving you (and buying from you) every single day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand your prospects' and customers' journey, how that impacts your sale and where you should be innovating for the most impact
  • Learn the precise moments to connect with clients and what you could be adding for more sales



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