Unlock Your Networking Impact with Ian Golding from Glow

Look and feel more confident when you network

This session reveals the simple but powerful behaviours you should be adopting to transform how confident and convincing you look and feel in all your networking situations. Practical, insightful and fun this session will prove how small adjustments can make a massive difference and will set you up for a day of networking at your very best!

Ian Golding is an expert in impact & performance based in Kings Langley. For over 11 years he has been working with some of the UK and Europe's biggest brands (Google, Saatchi & Saatchi, Lloyds Bank) to unlock the confidence and charisma of their teams. A professional actor for more than 10 years, Ian's company Glow now applies the secrets of the acting world to help entrepreneurs, SMEs and larger organisations communicate in more confident, impactful and charismatic ways.

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